Leihla Leionni Facial Abuse Starring Leihla Leionni
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The Leihla Leionni Facial Abuse Porn Video

Leihla Leionni is a cute 21 year old from down South with a whole lot of hick in her. This little blonde country bumpkin is under 5 feet tall, but she has some giant milky white tits. She was really innocent, but after visiting the Facial Abuse set, all that innocence was stripped away.

Leihla Leionni got on her knees like a little lady and was scared of the cock at first. A firm smack to her stupid head encouraged her a bit. After some oral training, she was able to take the cock to the balls, but a puke filled mess was always made. After some rough face fucking, Big Red and Bootleg went to town on her tight little pussy.

She wasn't used to being fucked with a big dick, so she squealed like a pig as the cocks kept slamming into her cervix. After they gre bored of her freshly pounded pussy, They sat her down and squirted cum all over her face. Her cute, innocent face, was completely covered in sticky man goo, as humiliation set in. That old man whore Bootleg really enjoys women half his age.

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Leihla Leionni Facial


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